What’s National Treasure Really About? With Guests Lawrence Riggins and Chessie Reiss

Hidden meanings in a movie about hidden treasure. Lawrence Riggins (writer-director) unearths nuggets and gems buried within this underrated treasure of a film.

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What’s Fearless Really About? With Screenwriter Rafael Yglesias

Sable and Dave have a real treat for you in this episode. They interview the novelist, screenwriter, autodidact, and baller Rafael Yglesias about his 1993 film Fearless, starring Jeff Bridges, and directed by Peter Weir.

Rafael shares the personal inspiration behind his novel Fearless and how it came to be the film that it is.

Think you know what Fearless is really about? Hang on through the spoiler lounge and find out.

Check out Rafael’s website at http://rafaelyglesias.com

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What’s The Yankles Really About? With Co-Writer Zev Brooks

Sable and Dave sit down with Zev Brooks to talk about the hit film “The Yankles”, co-written with his brother David, who also directed the picture.  Find out if Sable and Dave’s theories about what the Yankles is REALLY about are correct as they go straight to the writer to get the answers to that question.

Check out the website for the movie at Yankles.com

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